iPhone 5s review

The iPhone 5 is listed among the amazing phones available and it comes in 4.0 inch screen. It is a fast and beautiful phone with amazing features. It is said to have the best Operating System among the phones available in the market. However, there is a lot that clients need to know about apple phones. This review will help you understand the iPhone phones better.

Design and build

This phone comes in appealing shades that are lovable. Apple chose to play around with 3 colors when it came to this model. The iPhone 5 has a look of elegance with a metallic ring that distinguishes this phone. The 4 inch span on the iPhone however would feel bulky on those who have tried on other slimmer smartphones.



This phone uses a 64-bit processor and has the latest iOS7 which has made its multitasking abilities more controlled and efficient. This phone moved to the A7 processor thus giving it faster processing speeds than the other iPhone 5 models. It is a dual core processor phone running in 1.3 GHz.


The iPhone 5s has great functionality features including:

Security: This phone has a biometric security feature which is the fingerprint scanner. The home button is the center of it all as it is what you should touch with your finger for the phone to recognize you and unlock.

Memory: This phone has a 4GB RAM for use thus fastening the processor operations. It has variable internal memory of 16, 32, and 64 GB

Camera: This phone has the new iSight camera which is one of the best cameras with an aperture size of f2.2. The 8MP camera has a True Tone flash which gives out better and enhanced colors.

Connectivity: This phone is designed to use 4G internet. It also has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Battery life: The iPhone 5S is much better at battery life than the iPhone 5 since it accommodates 10 hours of continuous use. It has a non removable Li-Po 1560mAH battery