Nokia Lumia 1520 Review

The Nokia Lumia 1520 is a 6 inch latest smartphone released to the market by the Nokia Company.

Design and build

The Nokia Lumia 1520 has a similar design to the other Nokia Lumia Models. However, it varies in size since it has broken the usual 4.5 inch barrier to a 6 inch full HD phone. The phone has a rectangular look with curved edges. This phone is not a pocket sized model due to its size. It comes in all the appealing Nokia Lumia colors.

nokia lumia


This phone uses Windows 8 Operating System. This system has numerous in-built apps as well as functionality features making the phone a high performance in general model. The OS is superior in functions when compared to those used by other smartphones. The performance of the phone is enhanced by the presence of quad-core processor of 2.2 GHz.


This phone has numerous impressive functionality features that give it a high ranking. These include:

High sensitivity to touch: It is possible for the user to operate the phone using gloved hands due to its sensitive feature.

High Resolution: This phone has full 1080 HD resolution.

Large memory: Lumia 1520 has a big memory capacity. This includes 32 GB onboard memory and microSD card capacity of up to 64 GB. The user also has the ability to scoop 7GB of free cloud storage through SkyDrive by Microsoft.

Good camera: This phone has a 20 MP camera. The camera offers Zeiss optics, autofocus, and optical image stabilization. It also has a front facing camera.

Connectivity: The Lumia 1520 is a 4G enabled phone that also supports 3G HSPA broadband. The phone is also Wi-Fi enabled, Bluetooth 4.0 enabled, uses NFC, and MicroSD cards.

Battery life: This phone has an amazing battery life considering its functions. It is fitted with a 3400mAh battery. It supports 13.6 hours in use of Wi-Fi browsing or a total of 25 hours using 3G talk time.