Samsung Galaxy S5 review

This is the latest of the Samsung Galaxy edition. The phone should have a unique fingerprint and heart rate scanner making it special. This phone has been released but is not available in the shops yet until April 2014.

Design and build

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has a similar build to the previous S series phones. The back cover of the phone is a perforated casing that adds sleekness to the phone. The phone comes in 4 amazing colors allowing the buyer to select the preferred color. The phone is water and dust resistant. It comes in a rectangular shape with rounded corners. This phone comes in a 5.1 inch super amolded capacitative touch screen.



The S5 uses the android OS. Though unconfirmed yet, the processor model is speculated as the Snapdragon 801 with quad-core processor running at 2.5 GHz. This phone is branded as the fastest android phone in the market due to its fast processing abilities.


The S5 is a valuable phone that has high functionality features. Going through the features available helps in making the right selection when choosing the phone to work with. The S5 features include:

Battery life: The S5 has a longer lasting battery life than all other Samsung Galaxy S series phones in the market. It comes with a Li-Ion 2800mAH battery which can accommodate 21 hours of talk time. It has ultra power saving abilities. Turning power saving mode on switches the phones display to monochrome. This restricts the phone user to a single screen and only able to access a single screen which contains minimal important applications. It is possible to have 24 hour battery life after only charging it to 10% when using ultra power saving.

Connectivity: This phone has fast connectivity features. It is designed to use 4G internet and has a fast Wi-Fi version. Its download boosters use both Wi-Fi and 4G connection to fasten up the process.

Memory capacity: The S5 has a 2GB RAM which helps in the fast operations of the processor. It has a variable internal memory of 16 GB and 32 GB. It can also accommodate expanded memory of up to 128GB using microSD.

Camera: The S5 has a 16 MP camera. It has one of the world’s fastest autofocus that come in place in 0.3 seconds. This powerful camera is able to shoot 4k videos and has the ability to select the subject making it sharp while blurring all the other features thus giving a great photo.